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Home Fire Campaign Coordinator

American Red Cross
Opportunity Categories:
Disaster Response
Time Commitment:
Weekday, Weekend
What we are looking for:
The Preparedness Division provides appropriate preparedness programming within a community to assist community members to prepare for home fires and other disasters. This position is responsible for supporting and engaging the members assigned to the preparedness team, which includes ensuring assigned volunteers are provided with outstanding support and management: 1) Supervision- providing supervision to assigned volunteers including ensuring assigned volunteers are engaged in regional activities by assigning tasks to complete function activities, regular and ongoing communication of opportunities, discussing level of involvement and development, providing timely feedback and coaching;  2) On boarding to Disaster Cycle Services and the volunteer's functional area;  3) Training as required for the volunteer's functional area and in collaboration with the Disaster Workforce Engagement Team;  4) Recognition for successful completion of tasks; and in collaboration with Disaster Workforce Engagement Team for yearly region recognition;  5) Evaluation of performance in completing assigned tasks and collaborating with Disaster Workforce Engagement Team for yearly evaluation and completion of volunteer's development plan.  Completion of functional program area tasks as assigned/delegated by supervisor, including:  1) Strategic planning for assigned component(s) of Home Fire Campaign program to deliver services and achieve goals;  2) Ensure program standards and procedures are being followed;  3) Work with volunteer services and program leadership to recruit volunteers;  4) Work with team to ensure assigned events and/or activities are successfully scheduled and staffed appropriately;  5) Attend all training webinars, meetings, and workshops, led by the Regional, National, or Divisional team, and complete other required tasks, such as inventory counts, in a timely fashion;  6) Ensure all data is reported according to program parameters;  7) Provide leadership with ideas, stories, and lessons learned that could improve the program;  8) Coordinate chapter/territory program administration to ensure that all team members are equipped to meet goals, adhere to program guidelines, and aware of reporting deadlines and instructions; 9) Other duties as outlined by leadership to align with position focus area Facilitate the identification and mentoring of new volunteer leadership
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