Week 4 Outreach and P2P!

My fourth week at Volunteer Square consisted of more outreach and volunteering at Person to Person! I remember a particular event at Person to Person in which a man asked continuously for a specific type of zip up jacket. The only conflict was that the man wasn't completely familiar with how to speak English but a few other interns and I managed to look through the clothing donations and help him find a suitable jacket. That particular experience taught me on the importance of communication even if it might not be the easiest form. In addition, my partner and I went around Stamford for Volunteer Square outreach this week! We continued to go around popular places in Stamford (especially downtown) to promote the organization; we did so by going into different businesses and asking to hang up flyers. This experience taught us how to adapt to our situation considering some of the business owners were either for or or against us leaving flyers. No matter the response, we managed to keep going and continuing to looks for places to promote Volunteer Square!