Volunteering at Person-to-Person

On May 16th and 18th, I, along with my fellow Volunteer Square Interns, volunteered at Person-to-Person's donation center in Darien, Connecticut. We helped hang the incoming clothing donations on racks so they could be placed outside for clients to take. The experience of hanging racks for hours may seem mundane, but we were able to communicate and speak with those that were donating clothing along with clients in need of basic necessities. This position allowed us to gain perspective from many groups of people that we never could have encountered otherwise. Through my experience working at P2P, I discovered the generoisty of the many different people that went out of their way to donate their belongings to those that are less fortunate. 

In addition to the perspective we were able to gain as a volunteer, as a team, the VS interns were able to build a stronger bond as team mates and work together to solve problems. 

The VS Interns will be working with P2P every Tuesdays and Thursday for the duration of our internships and we are more than excited to help out an organization that provides so many resources for those in need.

-Dong Zhi Guo, VS Intern