VITA Event at LifeBridge Community Services

The event started with an introduction to who the returning members of the program were, and there were 5 present. Then, it went into a short explanation of what LifeBridge and what their 4 pillars are, VITA falling under the "economic empowerment." LifeBridge has been a VITA locations for about 20 years, then they went in depth talking to the volunteers about their job, how to train, and what they will be doing. During the course of the meeting, they had 2 returning members give stories and explain their experiences, pretty much giving the information an interview would give. Holly does financial aid for colleges, so she spends a lot of time around tax forms, she sees VITA as fun, spending time with the other people who are also interested in what they are doing and she likes the fact that you don't feel alone while volunteering there. Judy said last year was her first time as a VITA volunteer and she doesn't have a job in taxes, but took the course they offer and passed, so she now know what to do. She described it as a "wonderful experience" and likes getting emotional responses from the people when they learn how much they save. And after the event, Max and I approached the main speaker, Andrew, and I asked him a few questions and got a picture of him with another new volunteer who seemed to know him. Andrew has been working for VITA for 3.5 years, is a paid employee at LifeBridge. He has a degree in accounting and wanted to use it to help people.

Submitted by Kevin Moccia, VS Intern