Trumbull High School Mini Blank-a-Thon

As November comes to a close, snow flurries will soon dot the sky and a chill will bite through the air. We'll wrap ourselves up in cozy blankets with a cup of hot chocolate and watch our Northeastern landscape be painted white. In preparation for these frigid days, Trumbull High School's Blanket Brigade club conducted a mini blank-a-thon. Together, we made fleece-tie blankets and donated them to a local non-profit, so that those who need them most will be able to cozy up on long winter days. Entering high school, I knew I wanted to form a service-based club that incorporated knitting and crocheting. Amongst younger generations, these are two lost arts, and not many people see the impact they can have on others. The Blanket Brigade debuted as a club last year, and along with my advisor, we taught our members how to knit and crochet. We made and collected squares, sewed them into blankets and donated them to local hospitals and those in need. Our blankets have been sent out across the country in response to natural disasters, tragedies, etc. This year, we've began making fleece-tie blankets and have continued to donate them to people in need. We're a small bunch of about ten members, and we want to expand. On Nov. 10, we held a mini "blank-a-thon" after school. Throughout the day, we sent out announcements to classrooms, asking the student body to come help us. We set up fabric on tables in our senior lounge--next to the doors where everyone exits to the buses. As people walked by, they stopped to help make a blanket. In addition to gaining new members, we made four fleece-tie blankets that were sent to Al's Angels is a local non-profit. Blankets, especially when handmade, offer multitudes of comfort. Our mini blank-a-thon was a success, and it was just the beginning of something bigger. Over the next few months, Trumbull High's Blanket Brigade will be partnering with two of Madison Middle School's clubs, one being their Binky Patrol to plan a town-wide Blank-a-Thon. It will be open to the public to come lend a hand in making fleece-tie blankets. Stay tuned for more information as we begin planning. Submitted by Regina Misercola, VS Intern