Third Week Reflection

During the third week of our Senior internship with Volunteer Square, Josie and I volunteered with DOMUS in Stamford and continued working with Person to Person in Stamford and Darien as well. This was our first week at DOMUS, and the change in pace and content of volunteering was new to us, and we really enjoyed helping out. At DOMUS, we helped the staff in various ways as we not only cut out photos of students and created small postcards for their end of the year celebration, but we also went through student paperwork to confirm attendance for an upcoming Field trip. This new experience at DOMUS was a very gratifying experience as we were able to help students that are less fortunate. Additionally, this week at Person to Person we made our way into the Clothing Center to help sort and organize new clothes to aid those in need. The basement clothing center was a new environment for me, and it opened my eyes to how much volunteering really does help those that need it. As we head into our last week as Volunteer Square interns, I feel so grateful to have this opportunity as I have been able to help an array of organizations and people.