Third Week Reflection

After the third week, I am still finding this internship to be full of new and exciting opportunities. This week Teddy and I interviewed one another, helped out at DOMUS, and did more work with Person-to-Person. On Monday, our day included interviewing and recruiting, which both proved to be exciting. Learning about Teddy's prior volunteer experience and what inspires him was quite interesting, and both of our interviews are available on this website! We also did further outreach and were able to promote Volunteer Square, which has been an enjoyable experience as it gives us skills in presentation and networking. Tuesday and Wednesday, we worked with DOMUS to assist with a "When I Grow Up I Want to Be..." project. It was great to see all of the student's ambitions and different interests. Thursday and Friday, we again worked with P2P, helping to organize, load the truck, and assist shoppers. This was our last time with P2P with Volunteer Square, and it's truly been great. I've learned a lot and felt connected to my community. I'm looking forward to next week!