Third Week Reflection

My third week as a intern at Volunteer Square was amazing! I had the Pleasure of meeting the founder of Volunteer Square, his name is Ned Brokaw and he is a great human being. He took time out of his busy life to come to talk to cole and me about his business career. I learn so much from him and I am so grateful because I learned more in an hour from him than a week in school. I am so thankful with Ms. Alberty for making this happen and for understanding what I was interested in learning. Ms. Alberty also asked us what agencies we would be interested in volunteering at, one of the agencies I chose to work with was at Domus. There I met another amazing human being her name is Ms. Wade, She asked me if I could organize a project. The project that I got to do with my friends was creating big thank you cards for organizations that had donated or had helped Domus. I have to thank my friends who took time out of their life to help me out for a good cause, Josue Rodriquez who was the lead photographer for the project and creator of one of the thank you cards, Yesenia Pelaez who also helped me with this project for Domus and created one of the thank you cards for the Donors. I also volunteered at Person to Person at both the Darien and Stamford location, as always I met great people who dedicate their lives to helping others. This time at the Stamford location I got to go with the food truck and help them as the receptionist, I had so much fun working alongside with the wonderful people that work at Person to Person. I was also very happy to find out that I would return to The Open Door Shelter at Norwalk with Cole. I love cooking so going there is always fun because we get to cook the food and serve it to the people. Overall I had a great time volunteering at all the different locations. The most important thing that you guys must know is that there are hundreds of people that volunteer that you might not know but make the world a better place everyday.          

By Frank Leiva

Photo Credit: Josue Rodriquez