Spencer DeVito Week Two Reflection

    After my second week of interning for Volunteer Square, not much has changed in my daily routine. I have continued to work on my town page, and continued to volunteer at the organization Person to Person. However, the one thing that I can really see changing are the relationships with the people around me. Just as I had stated last week, working with these other volunteers that I have never spoken to for before is something that I have never experienced before this. Whether it be the high school interns from other schools, or just the kind people who volunteer at this organization daily, working with them and being able to help others in need is a perfect combination. Besides making connections with clients and volunteers through Volunteer Square this week, I was also able to connect with my community. Going around my town with the other intern from my town, passing out fliers that were made by other Volunteer Square interns was a great way to inform the people of my town of what myself and other interns/volunteers are doing to help others in need, and how they can do the same.