Second Week Reflection

The second week of my internship with Volunteer Square brought new experiences and challenges that make this job and volunteer opportunity so special. On Tuesday this past week, we represented Volunter Square at the Brien McMahon Annual Health and Wellness Fair. There we passed out flyers and other aspects of merchandise to familiarize the name and encourage others to join Volunteer Square and realize how it is such a help to all, especially high schoolers. The next day, we set out on the town (New Canaan), hung up posters, and recruited friends and classmates to create a Volunteer Square account online. Through both these recruitment events, I have come to realize how great Volunteer Square is for the youth, and I wish I had Volunteer Square interns explaining the usefullness of the website when I was growing up. On Thursday and Friday of last week, we, again, volunteered at Person-to-Person in their food pantry to help sort and hand out food. These days are wonderful acts of community service that make the internship so special.