Second week reflection

This was my second week of being a senior intern at Volunteers Square and it was exciting because I already knew where I was going to volunteer at and what I needed to do. Cole who is the other senior intern, and I went to volunteer for the second time at the Person to Person at the Stamford location. When we first got there at 9 AM we started right away because we knew what to do with the training we received last week. We started loading food in the mobile food truck so that it would be ready to leave on time. We loaded vegetables, canned foods, Cereal, brand, milk, snacks, and etc. After we were done loading the truck a big food donation came to Person to Person, Cole and I didn't have enough hands that day to unload and store all that food but we got everything done. That is why it's always great to volunteer, to be able to help on days like these. I was very happy to go back and volunteer there because the people that work there are very nice and friendly. The next day we went to volunteer at the Person to Person at Darien which is always a pleasure to volunteer at. Cole went to pick up food donations and I went to the food pantry to help out. Last week I was just restocking the shelves but this time I was able to learn how to give food to the customers. I was trained by two very nice ladies who taught me how much food we were supposed to give by using a chart. On Friday we got the chance to volunteer at the Open Door Shelter Which was one of the best experience that I had during all my internship. Cole and I did everything from preparing the food to serving it. It was a very new and fun experience for myself. I also had the chance to organize a project on Saturday at Domus with my friends. My friends and I created big thank you card for donors that helped Domus. I love to volunteer on weeks like these when I get to do things that I always wanted to do!


By Frank Leiva