Sandwiches for Kids

Last Saturday, my cousins and I, along with a whole group of Trumbullites made over 1,000 sandwiches for kids who unfortunately don't always get a meal every day. These kids live in Bridgeport and Norwalk and I was shocked to hear that they can lack something as simple as a meal, which I can sometimes take for granted. I was extremely proud of my town and its ability to take some time out of their sought-after Saturdays in order to help these kids. With lots teamwork, we made over a 1,000 sandwiches in less than two hours! My cousins and I had a ton of fun helping out! 

I found out about this event through a poster on Facebook which leads me to stumble upon this Facebook group known has Trumbull Helps. Trumbull Helps is this wonderful group that does many generous acts of kindness for people in need, including this one. If anyone is interested in the many more events they have, please don't hesitate to join the group! I will also be posting their events on the Trumbull page as more pops up.