Person-to-Person Thanksgiving Drive

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I attended an event at Person-to-Person with my father and some of his co-workers from the company Point72. The event was held in order to put together food baskets from P2P's pantry. We set up the tables with papers telling how much of each kind of food to put in the bags and created an assembly line. Basically at one end there were plastic bags and they were passed down the line and each person would put a different kind of food in (stuffing, mashed potatoes, fruit, etc.)

The food bags that were given out to the people when they came were marked "A" on this side and "B" on the other side because they contained different foods. Each person receiving the food would get an A and a B, as well as a frozen turkey.

The estimates for Saturday's work were to feed 150 families. Some came while we were there and were happily given their food, and the rest of the bags were stored away for people to come during the rest of the week.