Person To Person & Outreach

During the second week of our internship, the other interns and I continued our work at Person to Person as well as participating in community outreach and finding volunteer opportunities in our respective towns. I am starting to become more familiar with my responsibilities at Person to Person; for example, when someone who comes to donate clothing, I am able to answer their questions with ease because I am more aware of how the organization operates. I am becoming more comfortable talking to others through this volunteering opportunity! In addition, I also participated in community outreach with my fellow intern. We went to downtown Stamford and stood outside the Ferguson Library, handing out flyers to those walking by. We also went inside the library, handing out flyers and gave a few to the library staff to leave out even after we had left. The experience was very enjoyable because we were able to connect with the people of Stamford and inform them about the amazing volunteering opportunities through Volunteer Square. Sakshi Patel, VS intern