P2P & Doggy Day Pawlooza Outreach!

During the third week of my internship here at Volunteer Square, I continued to volunteer at the Person to Person clothing closet! I'm becoming even more familiar with how the organization operates and I'm able to help new donors/ those who need clothes with questions they may have about Person to Person. There was one syrian refugee that was in need of clothes, it was interesting to see how all of the interns worked together to find clothes for this woman and other families in need. In addition, I also participated in community outreach and the STARelief and Pet Assistance's Doggy Day Pawlooza outreach. My fellow intern and I went around the Stamford Dog Park, Cove Beach, and other places in Stamford (such as the Belltown region) to pass out flyers for this event as well as to promote Volunteer Square. We went to a local Deli, a Pizzeria, and a few convenient stores for outreach and everyone was very interested!