My second family at Brighton Gardens

On December 17th, I decided to attend a Christmas party at Brighton gardens in Stamford my favorite place of all time! I arrived at 4pm with Christmas cards that the youth at my church had made for me to give to the residents at Brighton Gardens but before I handed them out I got right to work, I started serving tables and communicating with every single resident at Brighton.

My friends have always asked me why I always decide to spend so much of my free time to helping the elderly and I always tell them, you should come and you'll find out!  I participate because of my love for what I do at Sunrise, I communicate with all the residents; I play trivia games, and also come up with ideas to entertain the residents. I believe that everything I do for at Sunrise aims merely at bringing happiness to every resident's heart and also brings contentment to my heart too. Sunrise Senior Living has become my second home, I love every single resident with all my heart and try my best to provide everything they may need. 

The Christmas party turned out to be a blast and the residents were happy to see me there with a bright smile and Christmas cards in handy :)