My Experience Volunteering at the CT Food Bank

On April fourth I traveled to the CT Food Bank located in the town of Wallingford. It is a massive building with a great design. Since I am sixteen I was required to fill out a waiver to volunteer. In order to volunteer, one must register on the CT Food Bank website - and select the date, time and event they want to volunteer for. Shifts last about two hours and are in a group environment. My event was organizing frozen meats. My group would sort out the safe, non expired frozen meat and throw out the expired or damaged meat. We had to sort through thousands of packages of meat, but we had a great time doing it. Working in a group allowed the process to execute smoothly. In the end, I was glad just knowing that my work would benefit the less fortunate. If you want to volunteer in a group environment, I would definitely reccomend going to the CT Food Bank.