Lifebridge Event

Just over a week ago, I had the pleasure of volunteering at LifeBridge Community Services, a social services organization located in Bridgeport, CT. LifeBridge Community Services is a wonderful organization with a mission to empower those who are undergoing social, economic or health issues that may pose as obstacles to a family's bright futures and wellbeings. This organization offers innovative programs in hopes of strengthening their clients' capabilities and skills in order to result in a brighter and more successful future. 

For this event, I was appointed the task of face painting any kids that wished to be face painted. At first, I was a bit worried about carrying the responsibility of painting children's' faces. I had never done something like this, and I would never want to disappoint any kids. As a result, I took this task VERY seriously.

When I arrived at the event, there were swarms of kids eagerly waiting to have their faces painted, and so I was immediately instructed to sit down, grab a brush, and get started. My first client was a 4-year-old little girl, she was shy and very hesitant about being instructed to sit down. It seemed that she could only understand Spanish, and was one minute away from breaking down. Not surprising, considering she didn't know me and wasn't used to this. But I quickly utilized my intermediate level Spanish and tried to comfort her. As a result, she calmed down and even smiled (probably at my poor Spanish speaking skills). I ended up painting a cute pink butterfly with shiny glitter on her that matched her adorable personality. 

Throughout the event, I had the pleasure of painting anything from butterflies to superheroes. I truly enjoyed my experience at LifeBridge. But the one thing that I'll never be able to forget is how grateful everyone was to me for doing such a small act. I mean, I definitely would not boast about my Batman face painting skills, but both kids and parents were happy with my amateur skills and it just made me even more proud and happy to be a part of this event.