First Week Reflection

After the first week interning with Volunteer Square, I am grateful that I was presented this opportunity to gain work experience and participate in community service, and I am looking forward to the rest of the internship. This first week introduced us interns into the website blog project, as well as volunteering at both Stamford and Darien branches of Person-to-Person. During our volunteering experience, we learned and worked hard to contribute heavily into the food and clothing operations at this community service organization. We not only stocked food and assisted those in need to get their necessary goods, but we also organized the warehouse and the truck to make the operation run smoother. The most challenging thing this week was starting the research for volunteer opportunities in my selected 8 towns across Connecticut. Although these community events might seem easy to find online, often the website that represent towns are outdated and lack the necessary information, thus making my job a lot more difficult. But overall, this first week has definitely been a great learning experience, and I'm excited to continuing working.