Ellery Baran Reflection Week 1

Although I had been told about what my internship consisted of, I still wasn't sure what to expect. On Tuesday, we had a meeting and clarified my role and right away I was pleasantly surprised and interested in what I am doing for the next 4 weeks. I will help create a town website with my partner and then look for volunteer opportunites and do them. This past week I helped out at Person to Person in Darien on Tuesday and Thursday. I have worked there before, however, this experience was much more enriching. I was at Person to Person for 4 hours both of those days and was able to see how amazing the place is. It's impressive how many clothes are donated by people. It is a never ending rush of mothers and fathers dropping off their old clothes and other accessories. I always wondered if they would ever run out, and clearly they will not since it seems like they have a never ending supply of clothes. It was also nice seeing all the people thrilled to get their new clothes and it made my day. Overall, this week was a great experience and I love helping the community out. Can't wait for next week!