Cristina's Mother's Day Cards/Cookies/Frozen Cocoa

On Friday, May 5th, I gathered a group of friends at my house to take part in a community service project, whose roots began over 4 years ago. Every December, my friends have helped me with a holiday card making party for nursing home residents. Over the years, we have made more than 700 cards! As part of my service project as an intern at Volunteer Square, I decided to expand this project by making Mother's Day cards specifically for mothers in nursing homes. Many mothers there do not get a chance to see their children often, but it is important to remember all that they have done.

While working, my friends and I enjoyed frozen cocoas, cookies, and some Cinco de Mayo specilaties, such as tacos and churros! After our hard work was complete, we celebrated with some Cinco de Mayo dancing and a piñata. I am proud to say that we wrote and decorated 80 cards. It was a super fun night I would like to continue this tradition next year. If you are interested in getting involved with this project, please let me know! We would love to have your help!