2nd Week Reflection

Coming into my second week of volunteering I was very excited. I was to be volunteering at the Person to Person locations in Stamford and Darien and at The Open Door Shelter in Norwalk. This week I met new people everywhere we went but one thing did not change between them. They all were looking to give back any way they could. At Person to Person in Stamford, we met a case worker looking to help those in need. At Person to Peron in Darien, I met two older gentlemen and an immigrant all looking to give back to the communites that have done so much for them. At the Open Door Shelter in Norwalk, we met two women with amazing strength, one who couldn't be who she truly was for a very long time and another who gets to work at 4;30 every day to make sure that those who need food have it in front of them in time for the morning shift. It's amazing how much one week of volunteering can lift your spirits. If you ever lose faith in humanity, go volunteer. I can gurantee it will be restored quickly.