The Weston Volunteer Emergency Medical Service

The Weston Volunteer EMS is a great place to help the community. You don't have to be a doctor to help people you can be an EMS volunteer at Weston. Volunteer, there are everyday people that want to help the community. To volunteer at the Westin EMS you can be a nurse, doctor, business owner, and manager, stay at home mom or dad, teacher, high school student, college student, and what every volunteer wants to do is to make a difference.

They always need more volunteers to join the Weston EMS and provide this critical Community Service. If you choose to volunteer at the EMS it will be changing but it will be more rewarding. They invite you to join our elite Team of State certified EMTs and EMRs. No prior medical experience necessary. They want people that want to save lives and provide excellent care.

Requirements to volunteer

  • Must be 16+, there is no upper age limit
  • You must pass a physical exam
  • Must live in Weston or work to join

How can you help

  • Assist members of your community that need medical care
  • Act as emergency medical support for fireman or the police department activities
  • Go to the Senior Center and take vital signs
  • You will be on standby for town, school and athletic events


  • Must be on 36 shift hours per month minimum, night or day
  • Must be able to attend a minimum of 7 monthly drills per year(3rd Monday evening of the month)
  • Must be ready to respond to a call whenever you are in Weston and a need for a nother volunteer

How to apply to volunteer at the Weston Volunteer EMS

  • Please email if you have any questions about becoming an EMT volunteer:
  • To fillout the application please contact them at the email proveded 
  • To make your application process fast please contact them befor you are midway throught your EMS course so they can set up an interview.
  • Please send completed application and all necessary reference letters to: 


    Office Manager, WVEMS

    P.O. Box 1163

    Weston, CT 06883

    Photo credit: weston volunteer emergency medical service website


Event Date: 

Sunday, June 10, 2018