Challenger Baseball!

If you are a Westport teenager looking for a fun volunteer opportunity, look no further than the Little League Challenger Program! Challenger baseball is a little league program designed for special needs children and young adults, with ride range developmental, emotional, or physical disabilities. Volunteers at Challenger become "buddies" and help special needs athletes learn how to field the ball, bat with confidence, and run the bases! Some experience with baseball is beneficial but not 100% required, but what is really needed is an open mind, fun loving spirit, and willingness to be a buddy and role model. Challenger baseball games take place on weekend mornings and afternoons, although buddies can sign up for games at their convenience. Seasons are normally in the Spring, but please email for more details on scheduling. If you want to learn more about the program, be sure to check out Westport resident Dan Woog's blog at 


Photo Credit: Little League Baseball 



Event Date: 

Friday, February 1, 2019