Summer Volunteering - 4 Ways to Start!


Summer is just about here and now is the chance to get involved in your community. In between summer vacation and trips to the beach, sign up to volunteer and give a little bit of your time. It's no secret that volunteering reduces stress and anxiety, and makes people feel happier so jump into a local project this summer that will make a real difference. We made a list of tips to get you started below.

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1) Do Something You've Never Done Before

If you're an avid volunteer, you may have developed a particular comfort zone or area of expertise: maybe it's education or the environment or even a career-related aspect of volunteering. If you want to really spice up your volunteering, try something completely different. If you volunteer in marketing, try copywriting instead. If you volunteer at an educational agency, try an environmental one. You'll broaden your horizons, discover new things, and best of all, you'll be able to work efficiently with other volunteers and agencies even if you go back to your old volunteer comfort zone.

2) Make It A Summer-Long Affair

If you volunteer on an ad-hoc basis - a day event here, folding clothes there - why not commit to an entire summer of volunteering? Many agencies have programs that last one, two, or even three months. These are even the types of programs you can credit for if you're in high school or college, so don't forget to ask your Academic Dean if it could work.

3) Travel Locally

If you volunteer in Ridgefield, why not try an agency in Norwalk or Fairfield? Your commute may be longer and you may have to get used to a new set of directions, but it's a fresh perspective and will give you some new exposure.

4) Bring Friends

Who says you have to volunteer alone? Invite a friend out to volunteer in lieu of drinks or a movie. Not only is it a fun, enriching activity and a great way to spend time with friends over the summer. You will delight volunteer agencies who need groups of people for large volunteering events.

These are just some starter ideas. We're sure you can come up with your own unique spin on volunteering over the summer when you probably have the most available time. Happy Volunteering!