Share ONE, Give ONE is Back!


The holiday season is time for giving and a chance to celebrate traditions. Last year we started a Volunteer Square tradition with the Share ONE, Give ONE campaign. We loved reading all the stories that came in last holiday season and we had a great time giving back the volunteer hours in 2017. We are excited to launch the Share ONE, Give ONE campaign again for the holiday season and we look forward to reading your stories and giving back hours in 2018!

Do you have a volunteer tradition during the holiday season or a memory of one? Is it something you do alone or does it involve family and friends? Volunteer Square wants to know! In 150 words or less, tell us about your holiday volunteer tradition and why it’s important to you. For every story, we receive our interns give back one hour of service.

Here’s how it works:

Share a volunteer tradition you and/or your family have during the holiday season. For each submission received, the Volunteer Square interns will give back one hour of service in 2018.  All accepted submissions will be posted live on our website site as inspiration for those looking to start their own holiday volunteer tradition and to celebrate the outstanding service of our Volunteer Square community as 2017 comes to a close.

Submissions will be accepted through Sunday, December 31, 2017. You can submit by going by visiting our site or by posting on our Facebook page. Submissions must be no longer than 150 words and photos are strongly encouraged. Submissions are limited to one per person and will be tracked by email address.

Spread the word, post on your social media sites, tell your family and friends. We can't wait for the stories to come in and the hours to add up. Check the website daily for new submissions and watch as the hours accumulate. Need some inspiration to get started? Check out our Shared Stories from last year. Thanks in advance for participating and happy holidays from all of us at Volunteer Square!