October Volunteer of the Month


“It’s not about having time, it’s about making time to give back to the community,” this is Brandi Davis’ motto. Nominated by SilverSource, Inc., Brandi makes time to help others, and we are thrilled to honor her as our October Volunteer of the Month.

Born and raised in Stamford, CT, Brandi started volunteering at a youthful age by aiding her sister with paper routes. A full-time medical receptionist at Stamford Hospital and Post-Bac Pre-Med student, she makes time to volunteer for causes that are close to her heart. In 2014, Brandi began volunteering for Stamford Hospital in the Patient Services area. Her shifts consisted of floating through the ER checking on patients, offering snacks, water, reading material and giving updates to family members. It was through this volunteer assignment that she got her job as a medical receptionist.

In early 2017 she started looking for other organizations to join as a volunteer. For many years, she spent time in the community where her grandfather lived before he passed away. She hosted bingo nights for the residents and spent time talking with them. I asked her why that environment was vital to her and she said: “the elderly paved the way for us so now we need to give back to them.” It's no surprise that she began looking for an organization that provided services to older adults so that she could continue to work with a population that was very important to her.

Through her search, she found SilverSource, Inc., an independent nonprofit agency providing information, counseling and emergency financial assistance to the over-60 population of the greater Stamford, Connecticut area. They help older adults and their families navigate through an immediate crisis, manage a short-term issue and assist with planning for longer-term life transitions. In February of 2017, Brandi became a friendly shopper where she does grocery shopping weekly for two clients. When Brandi first met the staff at SilverSource, she shared her hobbies of card games, story-telling, and reading, so she was also matched as a friendly visitor to a local woman that she visits every Saturday. They talk, take walks and play games, she enjoys the relationship that has grown through this connection, and she said they keep in touch during the week through phone calls and texts. “Brandi is truly an example of a person whose community service and volunteerism uplift our community and the people who live in it. “Brandi makes a difference!” shared SilverSource Director of Volunteers Michael Feighan.

When I asked Brandi how she juggles all these volunteer projects with her job and school, her response was “I just try to do as much as I can, and I tell the others to do the same.” When she recently started doing some volunteer data entry for a clinical research center in May and she's inspired her best friend to get involved in her community as well. Always willing to see if additional projects will fit into her schedule, she was just offered a virtual experience as a live chat volunteer for women and men who have gone through miscarriages. She said, of course, she’s going to do it because it can be done from home so she can make it work!

On behalf of Volunteer Square and SilverSource, we want to thank Brandi for her outstanding service to the community. Congratulations, Brandi!