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Summer Volunteering for Kids

Whether your kids are five or eighteen, we know there are tremendous benefits to volunteering and community involvement. Everything is possible from making new friends to becoming a better leader to understanding the important role they play in their community. Now that summer break is almost here we’ve put together four things to consider as you get your kids involved in giving back. To learn more about getting involved in your community, visit our website and sign up for our free, customized e-alerts. Check us out on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram too for the latest volunteer news and updates.

1) Lead By Example

What parent doesn’t want to be a good role model? Setting a great example of what volunteering means to you can be the best way to get your kids involved. If you’ve volunteered in the past, share some stories about what it meant to you. Introduce your child to some colleagues who are involved, or speak to their school to see if there is a community service or volunteering program. Showing kids how much you can help your community – and how great it feels – is an easy way to light the volunteering fire.

2) Make It A Family Affair

Volunteer for YOUR Health

Giving back and volunteering is a fantastic way to support and care for your community. But it’s also good for you, too. In addition to helping with your career, finding your next job, and make new connections, volunteering is important for about your physical and mental health too. Studies have shown that altruism and selflessness contribute to greater physical well-being. We’ve highlighted five key benefits below as examples, check them out!

When you are done reading about the benefits to your physical and mental health, visit us at VolunteerSquare.com and sign up for free. We’ll send you free e-alerts with volunteer projects that match your own skills and interests. You can also keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to find the best local volunteer opportunities.

Improve Overall Physical Health

If you have a chronic health condition, doctors often tell you to get moving and find more reasons to be on your feet or connecting with other people. Studies have found that volunteering reduces symptoms of heart disease and chronic pain, among other ailments. You're rarely in one place for too long when you volunteer. It always keeps you moving and meeting new people.

Reduce Stress

By savoring your time spent in service to others, you’ll feel a sense of meaning and appreciation—both given and received—which can be calming.

Stay Active

March Volunteer of the Month

Judy Goss told me that when she started volunteering it was to give back, but she quickly realized she was receiving more than she was giving and that’s what keeps her going and expands her outlook. Nominated the American Red Cross-Metro NY North Chapter, we are thrilled to honor Judy as our March Volunteer of the Month and to celebrate everything she does to give back to her community!


Born and bred in Greenwich, CT, Judy recently retired from a 32-year career working at the United Nations. During her time at the UN she worked in several areas, including administration, statistical areas, and her last twelve years were spent in an editorial position. In addition, she is a Deacon at First Presbyterian Church in Greenwich and a member of the Mission Outreach Committee.


Fun and Easy Tips for Volunteer Recognition

As we prepare for National Volunteer Week in April we wanted to share some fun and easy ways to thank volunteers. Volunteers are often humble and don't want or need any praise, but managers like to do things to recognize the hard work and commitment their volunteers make to the organization. Volunteers are essential to nonprofit organizations and often play key roles in programs and initiatives. Managers want to make them feel appreciated for the work they do and recognition equals retention, so it's a win, win for all.

Do you work with volunteers that you would like to recognize? Check out our list of fun, easy and inexpensive ways to honor the individuals that give their time and energy to your cause.

And, for more information about volunteering in your community, visit our site today. You can sign up to receive custom emails, subscribe to our newsletter and "like" us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!

Food, Food, Food
We know that food can spark positive attitudes and it promotes social activity. Bring some snacks and encourage volunteers to take a quick break and get to know each other.

Contact local eateries about donating a BOGO free coupon specifically for your volunteers. Put the coupons in a thank you card and wow your volunteers with unexpected mail.

Send a Birthday Wish
If you happen to keep your volunteers’ birthdays on record, make use of the milestone to show your appreciation. Surprise and delight a volunteer with a birthday card, or give them a shout out on social media.

February Volunteer of the Month

“Volunteering gave me something to do as a young person, it gave me a purpose and taught me about life.” These are the words of college student, Tyler Black, a volunteer who was nominated by The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk. We are thrilled to honor Tyler as our February Volunteer of the Month and to celebrate everything he has done to give back to his community.

When Lisa Slinsky, Assistant Director of Volunteer and Community Service at The Maritime Aquarium, first spoke to me about Tyler, she could not stop raving about him. She said he was a very special young person and we had to honor him. Tyler came to The Maritime Aquarium through a program called Youth Works, that helps low income families find internships for their children. This was Tyler’s second internship; his first was at the Doubletree Hilton during his sophomore and junior years of high school. Encouraged by his family and social worker, he started at The Maritime Aquarium in August 2017 and completed over 400 hours by December. He was required to do 20 hours a week, but he loved what he was doing so much, he often did many more.

When I asked Tyler what he loved most about volunteering at the aquarium, he said working with the animals and teaching people to care about them. His work as a gallery ambassador gave him the opportunities to teach others about these animals and he said people are always surprised about how important they are to the environment.  He became an expert on the touch tanks where visitors can touch turtle shells, horseshoe crabs, fighter crabs, jellies, stingrays. He said it was very important to relay information to the guests so he can help protect the animals.


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