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Gault Cares Brings Smiles to ElderHouse

The Gault Cares Team was at it again last week, hosting their second community service project this year. Back in April they held a two day event at Earthplace in Westport to fix several of the outdoor animal enclosures. That was their first service project as a group and it was a success. On the heels of one successful project, came the next one, a potted plant and decorating event. On June 11th and 12th employees took some time out of their day and visitied the lunch room at the Gault offices to decorate a IMG_8217.JPGsmall terra cotta pot and plant a flower inside. The creative juices were flowing quickly and the team made colorful and unique pots to be donated to ElderHouse in Norwalk.

At the end of the two days, the Gault Cares team had completed 50 pots and filled with them with flowers. Meredith Donaher Ventrella, Human Resources Coordinator, said the employees had a great time with the project. "Some people jumped right into the painting and others opted for using washi tape and stickers, a few staff even came back to do a second pot."

Financial Accounting Foundation Helps to Stamp Out Hunger

In this week's blog, we are thrilled to be spotlighting the Financial Accounting Foundation and the incredible work they did to help prepare 8,000 bags for the National Postal Food Drive to benefit three food pantries in Westport - Homes with Hope, The Westport Woman's Club Food Pantry, and The Weston Food Pantry.

Every year the National Association of Letter Carriers hosts the annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive across the country. This year the event was held on May 11th. To prepare for the event each year, Homes with Hope in Westport needs to prepare 10,000 bags with a sticker and label so that they can be delivered to homes several days in advance. Residents are asked to fill the bags and leave them near their mailboxes on Saturday, May 11th for the postal workers to pick up and deliver to the food pantries. Maureen Liebergall, Community Relations Director of Homes with Hope was so grateful that the Financial Accounting Foundation team was willing to help prep the bags, a project that she usually looks for a company to complete. This food drive fills the Homes with Hope's food pantry for the entire summer, it's very important to the clients that use their services. The bags were donated by Fresh Market this year.

Gault Cares Volunteers at Earthplace

Spring is here, just in time for the employees from Gault Family Companies to complete their first Gault Cares volunteer event at Earthplace in Westport, CT. Volunteer Square was thrilled to help coordinate the first employee volunteer event for the company, having worked with the Gault team back in December when they made Homemade Holiday Cards for Circle of Care Families. 

gault care.jpgWhen we first began discussing employee volunteer projects for 2019, Earthplace was the first organization to come to mind. The leadership team at Gault, was passionate about supporting Earthplace and thought this would be a great project to kick off the Gault Cares program. After a very detailed site visit at Earthplace in November 2018 to determine the scope of the projects, the Gault leadership team assigned project managers to each major task that needed to be completed and also created some opportunities for general clean up. A second site visit in March with the project managers and the staff of Earthpace, helped to determine the materials and number of people needed for each task. The project managers, Tina Bahr, Chris Bianco, Andy Dehler, Kevin Lago and Kevin Rackliffe were then ready to get to work with their teams.

Volunteer Spotlight on Jean Kaiser

“Every act of kindness you do pays off and you should always pay it forward. That’s what we are here for, to take care of each other.” This is how Jean Kaiser describes why she’s been a dedicated volunteer throughout her life. Nominated by Person-to-Person, we are thrilled to recognize Jean in our Volunteer Spotlight.


Growing up in Mobile, Alabama, Jean started volunteering as soon as she was old enough to do so. The first volunteer project she remembers was selling donuts on the median of the highway to raise money for children in need.  Her parents taught her at a very young age to give back to her community and it certainly stuck. Raising her children in Westport, CT, she started an afterschool program and encouraged all the kids that attended to volunteer by the time they were in the 6th grade. They would stock shelves at the food pantries, volunteer at Senior Centers, and host food drives. Her volunteering rubbed off on her children as well. She and her daughter volunteered for the Mercy Learning Center and her daughter was also participated in the AIDS quilt program. Jean and her daughter love the Mercy Learning Center and the wonderful things they do for women and education. Her daughter even went back and worked as a teacher there after college.

Fun and Easy Tips to Recognize Your Volunteers

Volunteers are often humble and don't want or need any praise, but managers like to do things to recognize the hard work and commitment their volunteers make to the organization. Volunteers are essential to nonprofit organizations and often play key roles in programs and initiatives. Managers want to make them feel appreciated for the work they do and recognition equals retention, so it's a win, win for all. Do you work with volunteers that you would like to recognize?

Check out our list of fun, easy and inexpensive ways to honor the individuals that give their time and energy to your cause. For more information about volunteering in your community, visit our site today. You can sign up to receive custom emails, subscribe to our newsletter and "like" us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!

Feed Them
We know that food can spark positive attitudes and it promotes social activity. Bring some snacks and encourage volunteers to take a quick break and get to know each other.

Contact local eateries about donating a BOGO free coupon specifically for your volunteers. Put the coupons in a thank you card and wow your volunteers with unexpected mail.

Send a Birthday Wish
If you happen to keep your volunteers’ birthdays on record, make use of the milestone to show your appreciation. Surprise and delight volunteers with a birthday card, or give them a shout out on social media.


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