Hometown Hero Spotlight on Rajkumari Thankur


Volunteer Square loves to recognize exceptional individuals that donate their time and energy to nonprofit organizations across Connecticut. These volunteers make a true impact in the lives of others. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, annual volunteer recognition events had to be canceled so we wanted to offer an alternative way for organizations to honor volunteers. We are thrilled to share all the wonderful stories here and on our website. If you would like to nominate a volunteer, please fill out this Nomination Form.

Hometown Hero - Rajkumari Thakur- Women's Mentoring Network
Nominated by -Lana Gifas and Tasha Green-Watson of Women's Mentoring Network

Here is what Lana had to say about Rajkumari:

Rajkumari Thakur has been instrumental in the daily operations of Women's Mentoring Network. She assists us with many projects and tasks that we are working on at the office. Rajkumari works tirelessly to help us get things done. She is reliable and a pleasure to work with. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Rajkumari has assisted us with our most important task of distributing meals to our members from our food pantry. She helps to stock the shelves of the food pantry, pack the bags for distribution and helps to distribute the pre-packed bags to members that come to pick up food at our drive-through food distribution. Rajkumari also helps to organize clothing and all other items that have been donated to the organization and are distributed to our members.

Prior to the pandemic, Rajkumari stepped in to help us set up for our Life Skills Workshops, which is where we have professionals from the community present to our members on topics covering workforce development and financial literacy. She is great at making sure everything is set up, including the lunch that we serve to the members so that we can focus on getting the professionals set up for their workshop. Rajkumari has also helped us organize for past fundraisers and with office tasks, such as inputting data into our tracking databases. 
I can't tell you how thankful we are to have Rajkumari as part of our organization. It is because of her and all of our volunteers that we can accomplish our mission and provide quality programs and services to our members.

Interview with Rajkumari Thakur

Why did you start volunteering for Women's Mentoring Network?

I have always been involved in Women's Empowerment programs and when I came to learn about Women's Mentoring Network who provides programs and services that support low-income women and their families.,who helps women and their families for better education prepare them for a better future and Financial Literacy. It motivated me to volunteer there and I feel fortunate to give my small contribution to the organization while volunteering.

What do you love about volunteering there?

I Love Everything about Volunteering there, But one thing which I want to highlight here is -There is no Work Barrier in WMN. I do everything from participating and preparing for food distribution to working on the computer. I have learned so much while volunteering. Women's Mentoring Network is a Learning -Teaching institution for me.

Have you participated in other volunteer work before?

Not here in the USA, but yes In India I was volunteering with a Non -Profit Organization that was working for Women's Empowerment.

How do you encourage others to get involved?

I believe this world has given so much to us, life, food, education, family, etc. So we individual needs to do something in return. I chose to volunteer, they can choose whatever suits best to them to serve the world .."Volunteering comes from within".

Is there anything else you would like me to know to include in the spotlight?

Yes, this world is going through a lot, stand with each other for good, support for a better future. Support women who are working hard to strive for a b better place. I'm sure everybody is doing the best they can but I have personally seen women's Mentoring Network - Lana Gifas & Tasha Green-Watson working so hard to help families, women in the best possible way. Stand for each other.