Gault Cares Volunteers at Earthplace


Spring is here, just in time for the employees from Gault Family Companies to complete their first Gault Cares volunteer event at Earthplace in Westport, CT. Volunteer Square was thrilled to help coordinate the first employee volunteer event for the company, having worked with the Gault team back in December when they made Homemade Holiday Cards for Circle of Care Families. 

gault care.jpgWhen we first began discussing employee volunteer projects for 2019, Earthplace was the first organization to come to mind. The leadership team at Gault, was passionate about supporting Earthplace and thought this would be a great project to kick off the Gault Cares program. After a very detailed site visit at Earthplace in November 2018 to determine the scope of the projects, the Gault leadership team assigned project managers to each major task that needed to be completed and also created some opportunities for general clean up. A second site visit in March with the project managers and the staff of Earthpace, helped to determine the materials and number of people needed for each task. The project managers, Tina Bahr, Chris Bianco, Andy Dehler, Kevin Lago and Kevin Rackliffe were then ready to get to work with their teams.

 On April 10th the projects began and the teams began repairing the roof of the Eagle enclosure, replacing the exteriors of the Raven, Crow,      Vulture, and Owl exclosures, and doing some general removal of brush and weeds. The teams worked for 4 hours on April 10th and 11th and completed the tasks assigned, plus a few extras that time allowed for. The team at Earthplace were thrilled that this much needed work was completed and the employees of Gault had fun with their first major project! 

Here are some pictures of the project managers and their teams in action. The staff at Earthplace put together a wish list of projects that needed completion this spring to keep the animals enclosures in good shape and safe and the Gault team exceeded expectations by completing the list and a few extra tasks during their two day volunteer event!   

Repairing the Eagle Enclosureowls.jpg






brush and weeds.jpg                    

We want to congratulate the Gault Family Companies for their first employee volunteer event, it was a great success for their team! We look for working with them throughout 2019 to coordiante additional projects for Gault Cares and matching them with other non-profit organizations in CT.  If your company is looking to start an employee volunteer program or needs help managing an exsisting program, let us know, we would love to come talk to you about working togethe!