Financial Accounting Foundation Helps to Stamp Out Hunger


In this week's blog, we are thrilled to be spotlighting the Financial Accounting Foundation and the incredible work they did to help prepare 8,000 bags for the National Postal Food Drive to benefit three food pantries in Westport - Homes with Hope, The Westport Woman's Club Food Pantry, and The Weston Food Pantry.

Every year the National Association of Letter Carriers hosts the annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive across the country. This year the event was held on May 11th. To prepare for the event each year, Homes with Hope in Westport needs to prepare 10,000 bags with a sticker and label so that they can be delivered to homes several days in advance. Residents are asked to fill the bags and leave them near their mailboxes on Saturday, May 11th for the postal workers to pick up and deliver to the food pantries. Maureen Liebergall, Community Relations Director of Homes with Hope was so grateful that the Financial Accounting Foundation team was willing to help prep the bags, a project that she usually looks for a company to complete. This food drive fills the Homes with Hope's food pantry for the entire summer, it's very important to the clients that use their services. The bags were donated by Fresh Market this year.

On April 29th the staff at Financial Accounting Foundation began assembling the 8,000 bags for this year's drive. They planned to work on the bags throughout the week, asking staff to sign up for short volunteer shifts in a conference room. Given that this is an accounting foundation, we were not surprised to learn that they used some math to develop a strategy for this volunteer project. The Community Outreach and Activities Team Captain, Tricia McKnight, shared their strategy. "Based on projections from past organizations we estimated a need for a minimum of 90 volunteer hours. And our FASB-GASB-FAF team was ready to deliver—we headed into the week with 146 hours from a record 88 staff."  Well, they blew away their projections and completed the project in just over two days, at a rate of 92 kits per person, per hour. That's some incredible teamwork and speed!


The COAT team had another very creative strategy, they invited every volunteer to enter a raffle and at the end of the project they raffled off three fun prizes. It was a great way to build excitement around the project and encourage more people to get involved. The Community Outreach and Activities Team is comprised of employees from FAF, FASB, & GASB. They work hard to find meaningful and thoughtful volunteer opportunities to offer employees through a survey each year. image009.jpgVolunteer Square provides several options for projects and the team chooses 3-4 projects annually that employees will participate in based on survey feedback. It's important to the company that they offer their employees the opportunity to give back to the local community and participate in activities that make a great impact on the agencies they work with. We love working with them!  


You may be asking yourself, what about the other 2,000 bags? Well, the Volunteer Square interns wanted to lend a hand to this project too so they hosted a bag prep event on May 2nd and assembled 2,000 bags in just 4 hours. 11 interns participated and were thrilled to offer their time to this important project. To learn more about our corporate program or our internship program, visit our website - Congratulations to all of the volunteers who made this project happen!

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