Employee Volunteer Programs


Over the last several years it’s become very popular for companies to promote volunteer work as part of their social responsibility initiatives. Volunteer work gives employees an opportunity to break away from their daily tasks and put their skills to use in other ways. Research has shown that companies that encourage volunteer work outside of the workplace have seen a shift in employee engagement. Engaged employees are happier, healthier and perform at a higher level. This leads to a lower turnover rate for the company.

Starting an Employee Volunteer Program will boost morale, motivation and team building in your company. It's a great way to show corporate support for the activities that employees are participating in and could help to leverage contributions to the nonprofits your company partners with.

According to The Deloitte 2011 Volunteer IMPACT Survey Employee Volunteer Programs will:

  • Develop employee skills and competencies such as communication, planning, project management, problem-solving, budgeting and listening skills
  • Spur innovation and creativity
  • Help build community and cohesion inside the workforce
  • Provide leadership opportunities and improves employee relations
  • Help motivate the workforce
  • Attribute to higher levels of life satisfaction, sense of control over life and feeling physically and emotionally healthier (UnitedHealthcare / VolunteerMatch Do Good Live Well Study. 2010)


Employee Volunteer Programs can be challenging and time-consuming to manage so Volunteer Square is here to help. Our a Corporate Program helps companies who are focused on promoting volunteer opportunities. There are many ways we can work with a company, we can speak at an employee meeting about how to use our website, we can coordinate group volunteer projects for employees inside and outside of the office and we can create private groups for your company on our site. We will tailor projects that work for any business.

We want to help your company! If you are interested in learning more about our Corporate Program and how we can work together, contact us to set up a meeting. You can also sign up on VolunteerSquare.com to receive custom emails and read all about the organizations and volunteers making a difference in our community.