Become A Volunteer Square Intern


In an effort to expand opportunities for teenagers and build stronger volunteer communities in Fairfield County, the Volunteer Squareinternship provides training and experience with digital marketing, social media, website maintenance, and community relations for high school school students across Connecticut.

Since the program began in the fall of 2016, we've welcomed 39 interns from 17 towns. As volunteer ambassadors in their schools, area towns, and their peer groups, the high school interns are crucial to our organization and without their project coordination and volunteer recruitment, we would not be able to make such a large impact in Connecticut communities.

Interns create content and manage the Town Pages on our website. These pages are a way for the interns to be the voice of their community. They include information about upcoming events, stories and pictures from past events to encourage peer groups and family members to get involved.

Each month, the interns create community volunteer projects to encourage members of their peer group to get involved with local nonprofits in their community. As part of this monthly exercise, they communicate with the organizations chosen, create the activity, recruit participants and manage logistics. Recent projects include a community wide clean up of Veteran's Park in Norwalk, hosting gluten free food drives to benefit local food pantries, organizing a back-to-school supply drive for students in The Lighthouse After-School Program in Bridgeport, preparing bags for the National Postal Food Drive that benefited Homes for Hope, and collaborating with the staff from one our corporate clients to transform the Domus school building in Stamford into a summer camp space.

This spring, the interns spearheaded a video project to help promote the need and importance of volunteering. Each intern interviewed their family and friends about the importance of volunteering. The video clips were turned into a new 3 minute promotional video that we launched this summer.

As our program continues to expand, we are always looking for new high school students to join us. In addition to learning more about community service and how to run a non-profit organization, the students that participate in our program have the opportunity to meet and work with other students in surrounding towns, create projects that are fun and unique, and add to their resumes as they prepare for the future.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying, they can apply directly through our ONLINE APPLICATION HERE. An brief interview is required, students will be contacted by email to schedule the interview once they apply.

Check out what some of our interns have said about the program!

"I love that this internship gets me more involved in my community and that I get to meet other people that are doing the same."

"It's amazing how much one week of volunteering during my internship lifted my spirits. If you ever lose faith in humanity, go volunteer. I can guarantee it will be restored quickly."

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact us at