Balancing School with Community Service


School is back in session and it's a busy time of year for young people. Students are busy with homework, projects, and preparing to complete the service hours required by their school. Volunteer agencies and schools are supportive of student volunteers and will be flexible to accommodate their schedules. The key for students to making this work is balance and creativity. We put together a list of a few things to get your started and hopefully help to set you up for a successful year of school and service. To find an opportunity at a Connecticut nonprofit agency, visit to sign up for free custom e-alerts to get you started. You can also follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter too!

Credit for Volunteering                                                                                                                                                                        Talk to your teachers and your guidance counselor to see if you can get credit for your volunteer work. This would be a great way to fulfill your service hours, get ahead with your credits and have the chance to spend some time volunteering for a cause that is important to you.

Make it an After School Activity
If your school requires extracurricular activities in the afternoon, see if volunteering can be your activity. Choose a local agency and invite your teacher or counselor to meet with your agency supervisor to create a plan that works for all of you.

Study in Your Downtime
Use your time wisely at your volunteer shift. Do you get a break? Take that time to have a quick snack and do a few minutes of studying so you can be ahead of your school work when you get home. This is will make your evening much less stressful.

Bring a Friend
If you have study companions for a group project, bring them with you. You will be able to study together in your spare time, and your agency will never turn away additional helping hands. Just make sure to check with your agency supervisor in advance.

Have FUN!
This is the most important tip on this list, volunteering should always be fun! If you enjoy what you are doing you will be much more productive and eager to return again soon to continue to making a difference.