August Volunteer of the Month


Mimi Greenlee believes that the key to successful volunteer projects is collaboration. She was nominated by the Westport Library, where she has been a volunteer for over 17 years and we are thrilled to honor Mimi as our August Volunteer of the Month. 

A Westport resident since 1971, Mimi is a former teacher and current math and reading tutor at Kumon with a long history of volunteering. Mimi credits her husband for giving her the gift of being able to focus her work in the community while raising her children. 17 years ago she started her volunteer career with the Westport Library, as the President of the Friends of the Library.  After two years on that committee, she took over the annual book sale for the library and has been coordinating the sale ever since. Last year's book sale was the same day as her 50th wedding anniversary. Being the dedicated volunteer she is, she went to the sale in the morning, popped out in the afternoon to attend a wedding and came back to finish out the day. She said she's lucky to have a great guy who agreed to celebrate on another day!

In addition to her work with the library, Mimi has given her time to many other organizations. When she moved to Westport she joined the Westport Young Woman's League and she was the President from 1987-88. Through the League, she made a lot of friends and had a chance to do great work that was focused on the community. Additionally, she is a former President of the United Way and member the Community Council, as well as a former member and chair of many PTAs. For the last five years, Mimi has been Chair of the Westport Fine Arts Festival and she was thrilled to share that the festival increased attendance by 10% this year which she credits to strong collaboration. I asked her what was most rewarding about volunteering and she said: "The 3 C's - cooperation, communication and collaboration, these are the things needed to put the puzzle together and have a successful project or event."

I was curious if she's encountered any challenges throughout the years and she said the only real challenge is time. There is never enough time to participate in everything, but she sure does her best to give her time where ever she can. She believes the best part of volunteering is having the opportunity to meet people and engage in conversation. "It's so enjoyable and fun that it just becomes a part of your life."

Mimi's passion and dedication to the organizations she's worked with, coupled with her bubbly and friendly personality makes her a true inspiration. On behalf of Volunteer Square and the Westport Library, we want to thank Mimi for her outstanding service to her community. Congratulations, Mimi!