February 2020


Volunteer Square Interns Serve Local Communities

For over three years now,Volunteer Square has been very fortunate to have a talented group of high school interns. Each year the program grows and we welcome high school students that are committed to serving their local communities and promoting volunteering among their peers. During the 2019 holiday season, several of our interns participated in volunteer projects and wrote about them for our blog. We would like to highlight their work and share with the community the good work they are doing to help make a difference. We hope their stories will inspire you to get involved with something you are passionate about. If you are a high school student that would like more information about the internship program, visit our website to learn more and apply!

Volunteer Square Interns Volunteer During the Holidays

Connor Downs

On December 7, Saint Theresa's Apostolic Youth held a blanket making pasta dinner. The youth group sold tickets for the event at previous masses. The dinner was held in the school cafeteria after the 4:30pm mass. Volunteers served pasta, salad and bread to blanket makers. After dinner was served, the youth group helped out with the blankets. In total the group made 100 blankets. The blankets are donated to a shelter in Bridgeport called The Center for Family Justice, Caroline House and Griffin Hospital. The blankets are given to children who have suffered domestic abuse.

Amy Watkins