June 2019


Gault Cares Brings Smiles to ElderHouse

The Gault Cares Team was at it again last week, hosting their second community service project this year. Back in April they held a two day event at Earthplace in Westport to fix several of the outdoor animal enclosures. That was their first service project as a group and it was a success. On the heels of one successful project, came the next one, a potted plant and decorating event. On June 11th and 12th employees took some time out of their day and visitied the lunch room at the Gault offices to decorate a IMG_8217.JPGsmall terra cotta pot and plant a flower inside. The creative juices were flowing quickly and the team made colorful and unique pots to be donated to ElderHouse in Norwalk.

At the end of the two days, the Gault Cares team had completed 50 pots and filled with them with flowers. Meredith Donaher Ventrella, Human Resources Coordinator, said the employees had a great time with the project. "Some people jumped right into the painting and others opted for using washi tape and stickers, a few staff even came back to do a second pot."