December 2018


Homemade Holiday Cards

There is something special about a homemade holiday card.  When you open the envelope, you can immediately feel the love and care that was involved in making it. Volunteer Square was excited to help coordinate a holiday card making project for the employees of the Gault Family Companies.

In early fall, I met with Megan Donaher Ventrella, Human Resources Coordinator and Meredith Donaher, Director of Marketing at Gault. They wanted to start an employee volunteer program and offer a variety of potential projects for people to get involved with. At our initial planning meeting, we discussed a kicking off of the program at their annual staff meeting in March of 2019. 4 volunteer events would be presented for employees to participate in during the course of the year. We also decided to take advantage of the holiday season and look for a fun volunteer project that employees could do in the office. We wanted something that would be fun and creative and encourage people to take a short break from their day to participate in.