June 2018


June 2018 Volunteers of the Month

Many Connecticut high schools have started a senior internship program that allows seniors the opportunity to spend the last 4 weeks of the school year interning at a local company. Volunteer Square is proud to host senior interns annually and this year we are proud to honor our 2018 senior interns, Frank Leiva and Cole Judkins, as our June Volunteers of the Month. Frank (Westhill HS) and Cole (Norwalk HS) spent four weeks from the end of May to mid-June, representing Volunteer Square by volunteering all over Fairfield County, doing volunteer outreach and recruitment and managing town pages on our website for 30 hours a week. 

At the start of their internship, I asked Cole and Frank what they were hoping to gain from this experience. They are both seeking business degrees in college and were very interested in learning the day to day workings of Volunteer Square. I was thrilled that they wanted to know how our organization operates and the ways we are able to reach volunteers and nonprofit agencies across Connecticut. We spent a lot of time going over how Volunteer Square is run and I asked for their critical feedback about our business. Cole and Frank had a lot of questions and said that they are excited to use what they learned in their future studies.

Summer Volunteering - 4 Ways to Start!

Summer is just about here and now is the chance to get involved in your community. In between summer vacation and trips to the beach, sign up to volunteer and give a little bit of your time. It's no secret that volunteering reduces stress and anxiety, and makes people feel happier so jump into a local project this summer that will make a real difference. We made a list of tips to get you started below.

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1) Do Something You've Never Done Before

If you're an avid volunteer, you may have developed a particular comfort zone or area of expertise: maybe it's education or the environment or even a career-related aspect of volunteering. If you want to really spice up your volunteering, try something completely different. If you volunteer in marketing, try copywriting instead. If you volunteer at an educational agency, try an environmental one. You'll broaden your horizons, discover new things, and best of all, you'll be able to work efficiently with other volunteers and agencies even if you go back to your old volunteer comfort zone.

2) Make It A Summer-Long Affair