April 2018


Summer Volunteering for Kids

Whether your kids are five or eighteen, we know there are tremendous benefits to volunteering and community involvement. Everything is possible from making new friends to becoming a better leader to understanding the important role they play in their community. Now that summer break is almost here we’ve put together four things to consider as you get your kids involved in giving back. To learn more about getting involved in your community, visit our website and sign up for our free, customized e-alerts. Check us out on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram too for the latest volunteer news and updates.

1) Lead By Example

What parent doesn’t want to be a good role model? Setting a great example of what volunteering means to you can be the best way to get your kids involved. If you’ve volunteered in the past, share some stories about what it meant to you. Introduce your child to some colleagues who are involved, or speak to their school to see if there is a community service or volunteering program. Showing kids how much you can help your community – and how great it feels – is an easy way to light the volunteering fire.

2) Make It A Family Affair

Volunteer for YOUR Health

Giving back and volunteering is a fantastic way to support and care for your community. But it’s also good for you, too. In addition to helping with your career, finding your next job, and make new connections, volunteering is important for about your physical and mental health too. Studies have shown that altruism and selflessness contribute to greater physical well-being. We’ve highlighted five key benefits below as examples, check them out!

When you are done reading about the benefits to your physical and mental health, visit us at VolunteerSquare.com and sign up for free. We’ll send you free e-alerts with volunteer projects that match your own skills and interests. You can also keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to find the best local volunteer opportunities.

Improve Overall Physical Health

If you have a chronic health condition, doctors often tell you to get moving and find more reasons to be on your feet or connecting with other people. Studies have found that volunteering reduces symptoms of heart disease and chronic pain, among other ailments. You're rarely in one place for too long when you volunteer. It always keeps you moving and meeting new people.

Reduce Stress

By savoring your time spent in service to others, you’ll feel a sense of meaning and appreciation—both given and received—which can be calming.

Stay Active