July 2017


Volunteering at Urban Impact

At Volunteer Square, we are so proud of the work that our high school interns do for our organization and in their communities. We are committed to working with each intern to provide the training and tools required to succeed as part of the program. Interns are invited to submit guest blog posts detailing their volunteer experiences. We look forward to featuring the intern blogs throughout the year and I am thrilled to share Stephen Marshalko's story with you today. To learn more about our internship program, visit the intern section of our site.

As the school year comes to an end, summer camps begin to become packed in to family’s schedules. However, in struggling communities like Bridgeport, not all kids have the opportunity to participate in these camps. An organization called Urban Impact has been changing the cycle of poverty, by allowing impoverished kids to become active, and learn the importance that God has in their lives.

July Volunteer of the Month

Lauren Costello, Ridgefield resident and a rising junior at the University of Richmond, has a passion for volunteering and loves to work with organizations that support children. Nominated by Kids Helping Kids, she is spending her summer break volunteering 5 days a week as their Social Media Manager and we are thrilled to honor Lauren as our July Volunteer of the Month.

Since May, Lauren has been managing the Kids Helping Kids social media pages and telling their story through photos and video. She is also responsible for updating the website and researching and writing grants to help secure funding for future service projects. Lauren has attended all of the summer KHK projects and engages completely with guests. The children feel comfortable around her patient and kind demeanor. “She’s always willing to wear many hats, she is personable, creative, organized and has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic. We are so grateful for Lauren’s time and many talents,” shared Jen Bentley, Kids Helping Kids Program Director.

Volunteer at The Westport Library

The summer weather is heating up and so are the volunteer opportunities at The Westport Libary. With over 70 categories of books and daily donations, the library relies on dedicated volunteers to sort and organize the books all year long as they prepare for their three annual sales. 

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with long time library volunteer Mimi Greenlee. Mimi manages volunteers year round that act as category managers for the donated books.  The categories include foreign language, education, travel, culinary, poetry, and psychology, just to name a few. The library is always in need of volunteers to organize, price and prepare the books for the sale. Volunteers can make their own schedules and be responsible for a category they are interested in. Mimi loves how excited the category managers get about the donated books and said they love to see how their categories do at the sale. They have a real sense of ownership and pride over the collections they are responsible for, this is a great opportunity for people with a real interest in a specific category.