May 2017


Greater Bridgeport Mentoring Collaborative

Volunteer Square is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Greater Bridgeport Mentoring Collaborative. Through our site, we will assist with mentor recruitment, build awareness around the need for mentoring and help increase visibility for programs operating in the area.  We were thrilled to be asked by The Governor's Prevention Partnership to expand our partnership to Greater Bridgeport after successfully partnering with the Stamford Collaborative back in February.  We've added a page dedicated to the GB Mentoring Collaborative on our website that will feature information about how to get involved as a mentor, invitations to training and networking events, and news from participating agencies. 

Teen Mentoring at McKinley Elementary

At Volunteer Square, we are so proud of the work that our high school interns do for our organization and in their communities. We are committed to working with each intern to provide the training and tools required to succeed as part of the program. Interns are invited to submit guest blog posts detailing their volunteer experiences. We look forward to featuring the intern blogs throughout the spring and I am thrilled to share Julia Haskins' story with you today. To learn more about our internship program and our current Volunteer Square interns, visit the intern section of our site.

The Wakeman Outreach Program at McKinley School provides after-school programs for McKinley Elementary School’s diverse student population and volunteer opportunities for high school students. The program strives to improve students’ social skills, general wellness/fitness, and academic performance.

May Volunteer of the Month

Xenia Llamas has an impressive background in volunteering and she is only 17 years old. Nominated by Family and Children’s Agency, Xenia is a former participant in FCA's ASPIRE program where she now volunteers. She credits the staff at ASPIRE for being there for her and acting as a second family. She said if there was anything she needed, they were always there for her. This program made such an impact on Xenia, she wanted to give back so she became a volunteer this year. She spends at least one afternoon a week tutoring middle school students through ASPIRE. I am thrilled to honor Xenia as our May Volunteer of the Month.

4 Easy Ways For Kids to Volunteer This Summer

Whether your kids are five or eighteen, we know there are tremendous benefits to volunteering and community involvement. Everything is possible from making new friends to becoming a better leader to understanding the important role they play in their community. Now that summer break is almost here we’ve put together four things to consider as you get your kids involved in giving back.

1) Lead By Example

What parent doesn’t want to be a good role model? Setting a great example of what volunteering means to you can be the best way to get your kids involved. If you’ve volunteered in the past, share some stories about what it meant to you. Introduce your child to some colleagues who are involved, or speak to their school to see if there is a community service or volunteering program. Showing kids how much you can help your community – and how great it feels – is an easy way to light the volunteering fire.

2) Make It A Family Affair