April 2017


National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week was first established in 1974 when President Nixon signed a Presidential Proclamation to celebrate volunteers around the country.  Each year the President issues a new proclamation to promote and show appreciation for volunteerism. In honor of National Volunteer Week, we are filling our social media pages with pictures of volunteers across Connecticut and thanking them for their outstanding service to their community. Check out our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages to see all the volunteers!

We know that volunteers are essential to nonprofit organizations and often play key roles in programs and initiatives, but they are often humble and don't want or need any praise. Volunteer Managers like to recognize the hard work and commitment their volunteers make every day, so we put together a list of fun, easy and inexpensive ways to honor the individuals that give their time and energy to your cause. In honor of National Volunteer Week, we hope these are useful as you say THANK YOU to the volunteers!

April Volunteer of the Month

Kathy Smith believes that giving back to her community is important; she’s helping to fill a need by using the professional skills she’s acquired through her career. Nominated by LifeBridge Community Services, I am thrilled to honor Kathy as our April Volunteer of the Month.

Kathy started her volunteer work with LifeBridge about two years ago. Her daughter needed to fulfill service hours for high school and was looking at local nonprofits to find the right fit. LifeBridge advertised their need for afterschool math tutors and Kathy decided to sign up. With a degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education, Kathy was a math teacher for two years out of college before becoming a computer engineer, earning her MSEE degree in Computer Systems Engineering. She also works as a math tutor and SAT/ACT prep tutor at the Huntington Learning Center, Greenwich Education Group and in Weston and Wilton schools.