March 2016


Volunteering Does a Body Good

We all know giving back by volunteering is a fantastic way to support and care for your community. But it’s also good for you, too. It may help you shine in your career, find your next job, make new connections and friendships but what about your physical health? Isn’t the greatest wealth your health? Volunteering has that covered, too! Studies have shown that altruism and selflessness contribute to greater physical well-being. We’ve highlighted three benefits below.

1. Volunteering Can Improve Overall Physical Health

At Home in Darien

Just about everyone enjoys spending time with their grandparents, aunts and uncles and other family elders but for many senior citizens without family nearby, isolation and loneliness can be constant challenges, particularly if they are homebound. Despite the colorful personalities and incredible personal stories this population has to share, it’s oftentimes a group in need that doesn’t get the attention many other do. One of our wonderful partner agencies aims to keep senior citizens engaged in the community and in their own homes as they age.

At Home in Darien is a nonprofit that helps Darien seniors live independently as part of the national aging in place movement to help seniors stay in their homes and the community as long as possible. The organization helps seniors maintain a sense of control and they say that control is the foundation for feelings of dignity and a certain quality of life and independence. The organization provides an array of services including transportation.

One of the key factors in the success of the program is the dedication of volunteers from the community. Executive Director Gina Blum says those volunteers are essential to making the program work.

“Our goal is to keep seniors connected to the community,” said Blum. “We couldn’t do that without our dedicated volunteers. Without them, we would not be able to successfully help Darien seniors remain living independently and comfortably at home as they age. We are truly grateful for that support.”

Volunteer for Your Career

In our “Volunteer For Your Career” series we at have talked about how you can apply your professional skill sets to volunteer opportunities. It’s worth noting that we’ve often discussed very specific, skill-focused roles such as accounting, web design and fundraising.

What if you fulfill a role not involving specific skills, but about coordination and management? There’s a place for everybody in a volunteer setting! Management and coordination are not activities that always fall under full time agency employees, and they often need help with managing multiple teams and groups of people. Here are just a few examples of recently posted opportunity from our own site: