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About Community Plates

Community Plates is a technology-fueled, volunteer driven food-rescue platform. Our volunteers ("food-runners") rescue food from generous donors such as restaurants, grocers, caterers and other food service organizations (food otherwise headed for landfills) and directly transfer it to those organizations (such as soup kitchens and food-pantries) who serve food-insecure individuals and families in communities across American. Community Plates was founded in Fairfield County Connecticut and is right now expanding across the county with and eye on serving the rest of the state and national locations very soon. There are now more than 50 million Americans who struggle to regularly provide for themselves or their families the amount and quality of food necessary for healthy living. Simultaneously Americans throw away over 23 millions tons of food annually. This makes hunger among Americans a problem with no good reason for being. The problem is not in having enough food (there's plenty) the problem is logistics. For that reason Community Plates is rescuing food for those without.

Mission Statement

Community Plates is focused on ending American food-insecurity through efficient food-rescue.



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Visit the Community Plates Community Canvas to share your experience. Here you can upload photos, videos and comments. Plus, learn what other volunteers are up to and how you can get involved!   Click For More...