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Let's Get Social!
Rachel Reese | Feb 26, 2013



This week we are very excited to announce a new partnership for an exciting volunteer event here in our region of Connecticut. We are thrilled to be co-sponsoring a new program with our friends at Darien-based Person-to-Person and the Darien eatery, Darien Social. The program is called “P2P Social” and it’s a weekly volunteering and networking opportunity for folks from Darien and other towns in the region.

Person-to-Person is a volunteer-driven, community-supported agency which, through a sharing of goods and talents, responds to individuals and families who lack basic necessities or resources to improve their lives. Person-to-Person does this throughfood orders, to clothing support, to financial emergency assistance, Camperships, a scholarship program and more.

The P2P clothing center receives a tremendous amount of support from the surrounding communities in the form of donated clothing and small home goods and the staff and volunteers need help sorting and distributing the goods. “P2P Social” will provide some of that support. Every Monday night that the P2P offices are open volunteers come together to sort and organize the donations, while enjoying a social, community focused feeling of well-being that comes from doing good for others. The program is just getting underway and we’ve already had a great turnout of all ages of volunteers.

Person to Person Director of Volunteers Janet King says the program is a perfect fit for a wide variety of individuals.

“We have all ages and abilities joining us - working adults, recent graduates and those looking for work who want to give back to their communities. "P2P Social" offers that opportunity during the evening hours. Volunteers can help their community, network and share resources.”

After the volunteering, the crew heads over to Darien Social. We had a blast getting to know o!ur fellow volunteers better afterwards and we are looking forward to the next Monday night get-together. We hope you can join us!

If you’d like to come by, the “P2P Social” crew meets at P2P at 6 p.m. P2P is located at 1864 Post Road in Darien.

If this volunteer opportunity doesn’t work for you be sure to visit us at VolunteerSquare.com to check out what other Connecticut volunteer opportunities are out there. Be sure to sign up for our free e-alerts too!


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