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Inspired by National Day of Service?
Administrator | Jan 21, 2013


Like many before and surely many to follow, 2012 was a year marked by sharp political divisions and bitter battles at almost all levels of government, all across the nation. However we’re pretty sure we can at least all agree on one thing - how important it is to give back to our communities.

Recently, President Obama asked that all Americans take part in the National Day of Service to honor the life and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King’s birthday falls on Inauguration Day this year. Over this past weekend President Obama and the First Lady spent time volunteering themselves at a D.C. elementary school. Kudos to the First Family!

If you were inspired by the call for a National Day of Service, here are a few options for you to get involved volunteering here in our region of Connecticut:

• At Person-to-Person in Darien, the staff is looking for folks to come help sort clothes for their clothing center clients.

• Family Centers in Greenwich is looking for volunteer librarians to help gather books from local libraries for use in its classrooms.

• Can you help a senior feel less isolated and more connected? Aging in Place in Darien is looking for friendly visitors.

These opportunities represent just a small sample of the need out there in Fairfield County. No matter what your age, skill-set or background, you can find something you can do to help your neighbors. So while many of us have the day off today we encourage you to take a few minutes and explore some ways you can help your neighbors. You may be surprised at what's out there.

To learn more about the opportunities mentioned in this blog and to look at other opportunities in the area, visit www.volunteersquare.com. Be sure to register for free e-alerts that will notify you when an opportunity is posted that matches your unique skills and interests.

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